Rediscover. Renew. Rebuild. Rejoice.

The paths we follow in life are full of twists, turns, hills, and detour signs. Some of those twists and turns are life-changing.

Events such as divorce, career changes, traumatic experiences, and spiritual crises seldom announce themselves and allow us time to prepare for what comes after. We are often left with feelings of unworthiness, powerlessness, and hopelessness. We get enter new territory and it terrifies the hell out of us.

These events can leave us feeling unsafe.  They can disrupt our beliefs and assumptions about the world. Our sense of our ability to control our lives may be shattered. We question how much influence we have over our own lives and life choices.

As we grow, change, and have varied experiences throughout life, our beliefs and assumptions typically evolve over time.  With major life-changes, those beliefs and assumptions that offered us comfort in the world around us, change nearly instantaneously. Many of us have tied our personal identity to our marriage, career, family, and our spiritual beliefs. When those are lost, we lose our identity. We get stuck. We don't know how to recover.

"How do we rebuild our life if we don't even know who we are anymore?"

It’s common to experience a wide range of effects including: intrusive thoughts, worry, difficulty sleeping, trouble focusing, bouts of crying, blame or self-judgment and lack of satisfaction.

The effects of sudden life changes also can cause intense emotion, including extreme emotional fluctuations, unhappiness, anxiety, loneliness, anger, and irritability.

We wonder how we will survive - let alone thrive - when everything has been turned upside down.

That's where our partnership begins...

Let me start by telling you that you don't have to face it alone. You are NOT broken. You are NOT a failure. You are not any of the stuff that such events can lead you to believe.

You WILL survive. You CAN thrive. You can rediscover and rebuild your life to your OWN liking.

I know this because I too have rebuilt my life after major life-changes... on more than one occasion.
I too know what it feels like to be drowning in uncertainty - doubting whether I will make it through.
I too know what it feels like to lose everything and start over from scratch.
I too know how it feels to heal and move forward.

And I can help you through it too... not only to survive it, but to thrive afterward.

"I can help you heal from your life-changing event." 

Through the use of various techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, and coaching - we can rediscover the real you. I will help you to heal old wounds and make peace with past events. This healing will help to renew faith in yourself and allow your spirit to shine.

Together, we can discover unconscious blockages that are holding you back, reframe past negative experiences, and build an action plan for going forward.  
You will feel the best you've ever felt. You will drive forward toward this new chapter with new confidence, new perspectives, and the tools to see more choices than ever. You will be in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You won't believe it.

Let's talk... I am here to serve YOU!