Jade Le - Los Angeles - Coach, Healer, Trainer and Mentor

Joe Vulgamore has become a dear friend. As a coach he helped me see how I was limiting myself in ways I didn't see myself. It was enlightening and very powerful to work with Joe who help me dispel my limiting beliefs. An amazing and empowering experience indeed. He understood how to move me from "I can't" to "I Can" .. Can't get more powerful than that! I recommend life coach Joe Vulgamore wholeheartedly to anyone who has allowed fear to stop them from their own success.... Joe truly makes a difference.

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Amal - London - Student at South Bank University

"I recommend Joe Vulgamore Strongly to everybody who wants to make more success in his/her life more than ever! He is an excellent dedicated life coach & working with him is a huge blessing"

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Carol - Michigan - Psychotherapist

"This exceeded my expectations, and the benefits continue to manifest in my life. I was able to identify both the areas that I most wanted to change as well as systematically remove the resistance surrounding these desires. There were surprises in both of these areas for me, and I couldn't have figured them out without Joe’s coaching. With the accountability to Joe, I was able to stay on track toward the realization of my goals. The best part is that I continue to clarify my goals and and action steps and I am achieving great success. His positive program has become a part of my daily routine and lifestyle. Today, I find myself consistently happy , self-loving, hopeful and in control of my thinking and behavior! And the manifestations continue to come!"


Andrea Mays
Andrea - Angelus Oaks, CA - Body Builder/Model/Business Owner

"There is just so much that I have gotten out of this! I also learned to not let the energy of others affect mine. I am a whole new person. I am more emotionally stable, I am happy, I am focused, I am confident, and I finally LOVE myself to the fullest. It feels good to finally be my perfect self."


Jessica Gonzales

Jessica - NYC - Personal Development Coach & Parent Educator 

Joe is just what I needed for my business coaching. As a CEO you often pay attention to marketing, clients,  SEO, Google Adwords, how much is coming in and what is going out, but making sure that you stay connected to self and grounded in personal development is an important but often overlooked skill. 

Wanting to take my company to the next level I contacted Joe for a private session. During our session he was calm, patient, and eager to assess where my energy lied, all while walking me through my subconscious where my limiting beliefs lied. These beliefs that were hindering where I wanted to go. I felt comfortable to share personal details, delve into personal topics and really allow his expertise to offer an individual assessment. During our call we found 2 limiting beliefs and used 2-3 of his evidence based techniques that I could begin using immediately. 

As a professional, I admire his real-world-solutions, suggestions, techniques and an approach I have never seen before. I would recommend him professionally to any other businesses looking to break the glass ceiling.


Karyn Van der Zwet

Karyn - Napier, NZ - Teacher

Joe, I would just like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciated being part of your first workshop.

I have been both surprised and delighted at exponential increase in my emotional stability and clarity. I find it difficult to describe other than, I feel more like the real (core) me, than I ever have. Much of the time, I now feel the most wonderful lightness and serenity and I am more relaxed in myself than I have ever been. I am happier than I can ever remember being.

Over the past several months, you have been a continual support and steady guide with an unfailing sense of humour and practical advice. Many in the group have bonded as friends and will continue to support and guide each other, and I believe this is largely due to your influence.

Thank you.


Paula Lopez
Paula - Corpus Christi TX

The gratitude that I feel for having gone through your Workshop #4 is immeasurable.  I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical about how much I’d actually get out of an online workshop with 40 other people. Boy, am I glad I did it!   

It has been life changing! I bought Joe’s book prior to the Workshop and while I read and understood it well, it was nice to go through it with other like-minded, real people that I could also learn from.   Joe was there every step of the way, available to answer questions--- or ask questions to get you thinking about things from a different perspective that you may not have thought about on your own.  

I look forward to possibly going through another type of workshop and/or coaching session in the future with Joe.  Thanks Joe! You are a great inspiration to many!


Andra Elena
Andra Elena - Iasi, Romania

Hi Joe,

My experience within the second workshop has been an adventure. It began in a rather gloomy mood. I felt anxious. As the time passed, I felt angry with myself, because I saw that the way I was thinking was wrong and that, because of it, I have lost too much time and energy. Then I felt at peace, then, more relaxed and more calm. I owe these things to you, a great teacher, a great prompter. I am sorry that this workshop came to an end, because I was part of a big, happy family, where I felt at ease. I am really glad I joined and I hope that, in the future, be it near of far, I will share with you all my manifestations.