Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Be Mindful of Your Breathing

- By Abby Quillen

How much do you notice your breath? 

If you’re like most people, you don’t. Our breath started when we were born—that first cry or gasp as we entered the world—and it continues, mostly uninterrupted (unless we’re doing something like swimming!) for the rest of our days. But while breathe is never really interrupted, it can be disrupted and not because of anything good. 

Anxiety—the worries of the world, the headaches of our daily lives—can make a tremendous impact on how we breath. It can take our breath from smooth and deep to shallow and jagged.  And that can make us even more stressed out that we typically feel.

Learning to identify when this is happening and following some easy-to-learn practices can, however, help you get past those difficult, stressful times and get your breath back to normal. What should you do? This graphic can help.

* This article originally appeared on Northwest's Health Perch Blog. Read it HERE
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Abby Quillen writes about sustainability, green living, health, business, and other topics. Her work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, YES! Magazine, and dozens of other publications. She lives in Eugene, Oregon with her family. Visit her at

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