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You Don't Need More Advice... You Don't Need More Information

*Credit - Portions of this article inspired by a conversation with Transformation Coach Dax Moy

Let’s face it… you don’t. With a world full of information available at the tips of your fingers, you can pretty much find information or advice on anything you want in life. It’s everywhere. 

If you want to lose weight, you can go online and find all the information in the world about the latest diet craze, workout fad, and nutritional cooking recipes. If you want to stop smoking, you can go online and find a million different alternatives and substitutes. If you want wonderful romantic relationships, you can go online and find a million different articles that will give you tips and advice for being a better partner…

But none of this solves your problem… does it?

There isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t ALREADY know that sitting on the couch eating potato chips (crisps) every day isn’t wise if the desire is to lose fat and get into great shape... but you still do it.

There isn’t a single person in the world who isn’t ALREADY aware that smoking is the leading cause of cancer, heart disease, and that cigarettes are chocked full of chemicals that you wouldn’t feed to a terrorist… but you still do it.

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t ALREADY know that focusing on the faults of your spouse is a bad idea if you want is a strong and happy relationship... but you still do it.

So what am I saying?

You don’t need more advice or information… Advice and information is EASY to come by. You already KNOW what you should be doing to achieve your goals… you just struggle to actually do it!

How many times have you read an article on something and thought, “I know WHAT I need to do in order to get myself back into great shape and great health… I just can’t seem to DO it.”? I am willing to bet real money that you have. I have… we all have. 

If this sounds like you, then by now you realize that getting more advice and finding more information about your desires makes little sense, don’t you think? Yet we still buy the books, read the articles and consult faceless people on Facebook who are in no better situation than we are. Don’t we? All in hopes that the next piece of advice, or the next article will be the magic key to unlocking the elusive desire that is just beyond Door #1.

When this happens, we find ourselves in one of two places…

  1. Pissed off at ourselves for ‘not being serious enough’ or ‘not committing’ OR…
  2. Feeling somehow like we are not being ‘good enough’ to bring about the results we feel we should have. We feel powerless, hopeless, and ‘out of control’.

Then these feelings become our personal reality.

But what if you could escape this trap?

What if I told you that I KNOW you are very serious and committed to finding results, but that you are simply struggling to DO the stuff because of the way your mind is interpreting the things going on in your lives at that moment?

What if I told you that your feeling of hopelessness, powerlessness, or worthiness is actually your subconscious mind behaving EXACTLY as it’s supposed to given the way it’s interpreting the environment?

You see, all of the advice, information, and Facebook groups full of memes are not going to help you achieve your goals and dreams until you change the way your subconscious mind interprets its environment. Sometimes that change will eventually come around on its own; sometimes it requires the help of a professional who understands the workings of the mind.

The way your mind interprets its environment, is based your ‘filters’. Filters are a means of directing information away from our conscious mind, into our subconscious mind for storage. Some of the ‘filters’ we use are: 

  • Language (words we use)
  • Memories
  • Attitudes
  • Values and beliefs
  • Decisions
  • Energy

This is where changing how our subconscious minds see our environment begins. Once you become aware of those filters that do not serve you, you can choose consciously to modify or remove them to help you take control of your life and creating a life you want, helping you break negative behaviors, unproductive thoughts, and limiting beliefs. This can be done through various means such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It can also come around when your reason for change – your ‘why’ – becomes bigger than the reason you are stuck. When these changes are made, LASTING transformation occurs rather than TEMPORARY change.

I hope this has helped you,

Believe to Achieve! 

*Credit - Portions of this article inspired by a conversation with Transformation Coach Dax Moy

Joe Vulgamore is a Life Coach and Leadership Development Specialist - as well as a Personal Development Author and Speaker. He works with people to develop life and leadership skills to sharpen their edge, perform at optimum levels, and achieve excellence. He has 30 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of helping thousands of people from over 14 countries, across 5 continents, to make life-transformations through one-to-one coaching and workshops.

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