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High Performance Mindset

Adopt a High-Performance Mindset...

Deep inside all of us, we desire to be the best we can be. Whether that is in the workplace, school, sports, parenting, or any other facet of life, we want to do well and perform at high levels.

It’s not always about competition. Sometimes it is, but the desire to perform at an optimum level is ingrained in us all. It’s leftover hardwiring from our hunter-gatherer days. We can suppress it, and often people do, but we can’t deny it for too long. When we combine our basic human needs for contribution and growth, this desire burns brightly within us.

Yet, so many people fall victim to a habitual thought process that keeps confidence low and so we don’t even try to perform at a high level. When that happens, we doubt ourselves and our abilities. Procrastination and excuses give us false reasoning for not giving our best efforts. Then we get into a cycle of wanting more without providing more value. This sometimes brings on frustration or depression… and that keeps us on the hamster wheel that prevents us from truly moving forward.

The only true way to move forward and achieve the confidence, happiness, and success that we wish to have is to create a high-performance mindset for ourselves… then HARDWIRE it into our personal routine.

Below are 6 Tips to creating a high-performance mindset that can help you to avoid the low-performance pitfall.

1. Stop justifying low performance
You do not need to make excuses for everything that you do or do not do. We often cast blame at circumstances for our low-performance behavior. Recognize and accept responsibility for your own lack of action.

2. Focus on the experience rather than the result
Again, lack of confidence can often hide beneath our excuses and justifications. Sometimes it is because we are too focused on the end result rather than the experience. If you do the opposite – focus on the experience rather than the end result – you will have a lot more fun and just might, unwittingly, find something which you are actually good at that will build confidence, happiness, and success.

3. Try one new thing everyday
I wrote in my book “HARDWIRE: A Personal Guide to Success” that, “if you keep thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things and feeling the same emotions, you hardwire your brain into that definition of reality.” This is known as ‘Habitual Thinking’.
If you commit to trying one new thing every day, you will have tried 365 new things in one year. This satisfies your basic human need for variety and challenges you to break your habitual thought patterns. More importantly, you will quickly develop a personal growth mindset where you see challenges rather than problems, and you are unafraid to try new things.

4. Constantly Upgrade Yourself
In a high-performance world, mediocrity is unacceptable. Work continuously to upgrade your performance and skills in the workplace can help to separate yourself from the pack. In personal life, upgrading yourself can foster wonderful new relationships, bring certainty, and allow for spiritual growth as well as confidence, happiness, and success. 

5. Hold Yourself Accountable
No one is responsible for your performance but you. If you truly want to achieve higher levels of performance in any facet of life, you must get your hands dirty and learn to manage yourself. You must hold yourself to the highest possible standards, regardless of the attitudes of those around you. That means measuring yourself against your past performances and committing to continual self-improvement.

6. Take Action
The difference between wishing for something and having something lays in the action you are willing to take to have it. There are few, if any, things which you cannot achieve, if you really want to achieve them. The key is that you want to achieve them enough to motivate you to take action. And to truly enjoy the fruits of your actions, you must adopt a high-performance mindset. So stop talking so much about what you want to do, and get up and do it.

If you fully embrace a high-performance mindset that aims for extraordinary growth and spectacular success, you will be motivated to do the extra things necessary to realize that mindset. As your efforts are rewarded, your confidence will soar and you will experience the emotional rewards of reaching beyond your grasp: inspiration, excitement, pride.

If you need help discovering or maintaining a high-performance mindset, then Performance Coaching might be for you. (shameless plug)

Believe to Achieve!

Joe Vulgamore is a Life Coach and Leadership Development Specialist - as well as a Personal Development Author and Speaker. He works with people to develop life and leadership skills to sharpen their edge, perform at optimum levels, and achieve excellence. He has 30 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of helping thousands of people from over 14 countries, across 5 continents, to make life-transformations through one-to-one coaching and workshops.

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