Saturday, May 2, 2015


Rest and Relaxation is Important to Wellness

With one-third of our lives spent at work, and another third sleeping, we are left with the remaining third to do everything else in life. And, by everything, I mean everything from eating, cooking, personal hygiene, household chores, raising children, homework, and bath time, grocery shopping, and washing the car. Somewhere in there, we try to find time for a social life. When we consider that so much of our time is spent in this flurry of busyness, topped off with stress from work, money, and family, there is little wonder why stress levels are at an all time high. 

There are numerous emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress including depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, and hypertension. Stress causes immune system disturbances that increase susceptibility to infections, a host of viral linked disorders ranging from the common cold to certain cancers, as well as autoimmune diseases. In addition, stress can have direct effects on the skin and the gastrointestinal system. This stress begins to stifle our need for variety, connection, and growth. We find ourselves stuck in a rut, spinning our wheels and going nowhere.

In order to break out of this perpetual cycle of stress, we look toward fun, leisure, and recreation. 

Taking time out from all of the busyness for a little while can often bring immediate relief from the day-to-day grind and monotony of stress. Unfortunately, many of us do not take such time. When friends, family, or co-workers tell us that we are pushing too hard and suggest taking a break, we resist. We resist this notion in spite of the fact that consciously and subconsciously we know it is truth. 

These outward stressors can be relieved with fun, recreation, and leisure. I am talking about “me-time”. Me-time is a valuable component of life that really can improve our physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

There are many ways to relax in a general sense, including listening to music, reading, hobbies, exercise, and watching TV, but more than this there is an art to relaxation. When we allow ourselves time to relax and have fun, we effectively release physical and mental tension. 

There is a strong link between our physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Our physiology plays a big part in our psychology, for example, when we are physically ill, we often feel a bit down emotionally too.
The reverse is also true. Our emotional state affects our physiology. When we feel low mentally or emotionally, perhaps due to depression, stress, or anxiety, it can directly influence our physical health. Some examples are:

Muscular pain in our neck, shoulders or back
Fatigue and low energy levels
Raised blood pressure
Poor sleep patterns
Suppressed immune system and increased susceptibility to infections 
Increases in blood sugar and cholesterol levels 

In addition to physical problems, feeling mentally and emotionally low can often negatively affect other aspects of our life including:

Our relationships with family or friends
Relationships with spouses
Work performance 

Regularly taking time for fun and recreation can play a significant role in helping to lessen the negative consequences we may experience from feeling mentally and emotionally low. “Me-time” may not deal directly with the underlying causes that lead to feeling mentally or emotionally low (particularly a clinical mental illness), but it can really help us to effectively manage better. Additionally, the positive results of fun and relaxation make it easier for us to allow inner changes. This will often put us in a stronger position to begin changing some of the outward circumstances that are preventing our fulfillment of needs. 

 These could include:

Improved confidence
increased feelings of personal control
calmer state of mind 
A greater sense of self-worth
Greater strength and energy

After considering all the valuable benefits of recreation, fun, and leisure, one can easily see how these activities are essential in helping us fulfill our six basic needs. With improved confidence and increased feelings of personal control, we begin to feel more certain of our surroundings and ourselves. Fun and recreation helps fill the need for variety by breaking us out of our routine, expanding our comfort zones, and filling us with joy. Most of all, it allows us to release stress and tension, opening new pathways for personal growth.

Don't spend so much time creating your life that you forget to live your life.

Stay Zen!

Joe Vulgamore CHT is author of the Best-selling book "Alignment- Law of Attraction and the Seven Universal Laws" and "Powerful Powerful You - Understanding Your Power". He is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Holistic Healer. For almost 30 years, Joe has helped thousands of people from over 14 countries, across 5 continents, to make life-transformations through one-to-one coaching, books, and workshops.


  1. Absolutely true! I think "ME TIME" is the most important part of our life! :-)

  2. I think that it is great that people are able to find something that relaxes them. There are a lot of great ways to stay positive in a stressful situation. I hope more people are able to find their balance with relaxing and enjoying the time that they have. There are a lot of great ways that people can relax. I hope that people will be able to find something that works the best for them.

  3. Me time is super important for everyone, everyone's relationships and also family relationships.