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Life Coach Joe Vulgamore Speaks on Success
Life Coach Joe Vulgamore Speaks on Success

Life Coach Joe Vulgamore PCP, CBI Discusses Allowing Success

What is your definition of success?

The Merriam-Webster definition of success is - 1. the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. 2. the correct or desired result of an attempt. 3. someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds

But what is success to you? Why have you not achieved it?

Many of you already know that there are manifestation blockers, or resistance that prevent you from attaining certain things in life. We all have them and we must all overcome them if we are to have what we want. The funny thing about resistance is we as humans have a major resistance to change. We have a tendency to hold back from anything that changes the balance in our lives. We don't just resist something unpleasant, like difficult health or family issues, or recognizing the need to leave a job. We often have a strange resistance to the things that bring us joy. We resist getting a massage or opening our hearts to a friend or lover, or, especially, allowing an emerging state of inner growth. We do this even when we sense that we're cutting ourselves off from something great.

When we set an intention... let's say to get a raise, or a promotion, or start a business; we focus on the desired outcome, but for some reason our intention fails to manifest. Why did this happen? We say we want more money, power, or prestige... we even think in our conscious mind that we want it, so we then become discouraged and often give up. One of the things we usually fail to consider is that subconsciously we might be afraid to succeed.

What? Afraid to succeed? Who would possibly be afraid to succeed? 

The answer is anyone who is afraid of change. But if we go even deeper, one might find that they are afraid of the consequences that come with success. Maybe you have a fear that you’ll lose the money foolishly after putting so much energy into manifesting it. Or maybe a fear that your life will become too complicated trying to manage the money. It could be a fear that your accounting and tax situation will become more complicated. Some people fear that success will strain their relationships with friends and family. Some people fear that the money that comes with success will distract them from what’s most important in their lives. Some fear that managing success will be stressful... the list goes on and on.

So how do we go about releasing this resistance to success? The first step is to identify the resistance. At this point, some of you may say, "Joe, I know I don't have any resistance to success.", but the truth is that if you are not where you want to be in life, then you have resistance somewhere. So you need to take a deep look inside, with an open mind, a humble mind, and try to find your resistance. It could be one of the reasons I mentioned above, or it could be something else... only you can know, because you have created it.

Many times we don't recognize the resistance because fail to account for the total picture in our visualizations. We see only the millions of dollars, or the cars, or the homes, or the prestige and power, and we feel what its like to have it, but only on the conscious level. Subconsciously, we avoid seeing and feeling the other stuff that would come with it, such as the fears that I mentioned above. When we fail to visualize and set intent for the total picture, our manifestations will come very slowly, if at all, because we didn't deal with the resistance beforehand.

So go back to a desire for success that you have been trying to manifest and take into account the total picture. Take into account ALL of the effects that it will have on your life and try to find your resistance. Chances are that if your mind keeps trying to avoid a particular aspect of your entire visualization, there is resistance to that aspect.

After you discover where your resistance lies, you must then change your thoughts and feelings about the resistance. One of the simplest ways to eliminate your resistance is to accept it.  Stop feeding your fears of success with your energy. If you simply accept that if you achieve success and it will strain some of your relationships, then you’re no longer resisting. You have just downgraded a fear into a consequence.

The difference between a fear and a consequence is acceptance.  A fear is an outcome you resist.  A consequence is an outcome you accept.  When you fear something that surrounds your desire, you effectively resist your desire, meaning that you intend it NOT to manifest.  But when you accept those fears and downgrade them to consequence, you will allow your desire to manifest without resistance. You will become a better vibrational match to your desires.

In order to accomplish downgrading fears of success to just consequences of success, you must release that resistance... you must transcend that fear. Once you have released all of your resistance around success, you will find that it will flow to you faster and more freely than you ever imagined.

What do you really want? Who do you really want to be? Take a few minutes to think about that. Is it strong relationships that you want? Is it money? Is it a life of amazement and wonder?
Do you want to be a person that people look up to? Do you want to be a person that people can trust and rely on? Whatever your desires, before you can have them, you must become them. Remember that the Universe mirrors "Who you are" at every moment.

"How do I become my desires?", you ask? You go 'all in', you bring your A-game. Something wonderful happens to us when all of our character traits are functioning at 100% capacity. Lets explore that a little deeper... What are your character traits?

Character traits are things like loyalty, honesty, courage, compassion, tolerance, kindness, fairness, sense of responsibility, and helpfulness. These are the traits that make you "Who you are"; this is what you send out in your messages to the Universe. Do you function at 100 percent capacity in all of your character traits? If the answer is 'no', then how can you expect to receive 100 percent of what you attract? If you fail to give 100 percent, then you are going to live in a world full of 'almosts'. You will almost be fit. You will almost be rich. You will almost be happy. You will almost have good friends and lovers. You will almost be who you want to be. If almost is good enough for you, then you should stop reading this now and never read it again... because you are almost where you want to be.

On the other hand, if you want all of your true desires... the desires from those deep, dark recesses, then you must go all in. You must bring your A-game.

Happy Aligning!

He is a Life Coach, practitioner of the Law Of Attraction, and a Certified Basic Instructor (CBI) who has trained with and worked hand-in-hand with mental health practitioners while employed with the State of Texas. Joe is also a member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC).

Portions of this article are excerpted from Joe's book "Alignment - Law of Attraction and the Seven Universal Laws"

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